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Bird's Eye View--Austin, Texas, 1911


Appreciation for MWP's work:

Whenever I see my name in bold print, I shudder, cross my fingers, grit my teeth, and read on. In the case of your article… I was very pleased. It was very accurate, loyal to my thoughts, as well as to yours. I appreciate very much the care with which it was written. Thanks.
---Robert M. Berdahl, Ph.D., 1995

By the way, you're obviously a very talented editor.
---Bryan A. Garner, J.D., 1999

You're really good.
---Bill Pappas, 2001

I get a lot of questionnaires and I throw most of them in the trash can. I answered yours because it seemed interesting.
---Member, National Academy of Sciences, 2007

Thank you.